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Schedule of festivals in Ladakh for 2016

Ladakh hosts the most mesmerizing landscapes, and the local people in the whole Ladakh region are so cheerful that you will remember them for your whole life. Many tourists visiting Ladakh region return back with memories of the majestic scenery spread around the region, the peace of Monastaries, along with the memories of cheerful Ladakhi people who always welcome you with a smile. While having such harsh conditions for living where the temperatures are almost -20 degrees for almost 6 months in an year, the culture of Ladakh is an attraction for the tourists. You can see the lamas performing with big masks and colorful dresses in the Monasteries during the time of festival as a part of their religious rituals.

Hemis festival

Ladakh festival calender for 2016

Name of festival
Spituk Gustor
January  07 - 08
Leh & Likir Monastery
February 06 - 07
Yargon Tungshak
Nubra (Yarma)
February 12-13
Stok Guru Tsechu
Stok Monastery
February 16-17
Saka Dawa
All over Ladakh
May 20
Yuru Kabgyat
Lamayuru Monastery
July 01 - 02
His holiness Dalai Lama Birthday
Jewaitsal, Shey
July 06
Hemis Tsechu (Hemis Festival)
Hemis Monastery
July 14-15
Stongday Gustor
July 22-23
Ladakh Polo Festival
July 11-17
Sachukul Gustor
Sachukul Monastery
July 21 -22
Phyang Tsedup
Phyang Monastery
July 31 – Aug 01
Karsha Gustor
July 31 – Aug 01
Korzok Gustor
August 05 - 06
Dakthok Tsechu
Dha thok Monastery
August 13 - 14
Sani Nasjal
August 17 - 18
Deskit Gustor
October 28 - 29
Thiksay Gustor
November 17 – 18
Chemday Wangchok / Padum
Chemday Monastery
November 27 - 28
Gladen Namchot
All over Ladakh
December 23
Ladakhi Losar
All Over Ladakh
December 30

Hemis is the richest monastery in Ladakh region and the Hemis festival is one of the most important  & polular festival celebrated in Ladakh. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Guru Padmasambhava who is known as the founder of Tantrik Buddhism in Tibet.

Lamas Performing with masks during the Hemis festival

Tradational dances during the Hemis festival

Another Important festival Gustor takes place in various places in Ladakh in different months, the most famous of them are the Gustor taking place at Spituk, Thiksay & Karsha. Gustors are celebrated to mark the victory over the eveil.

Lamas ready with religious masks for performing in the festival

Ladakh polo festival is taking place for the first time in year 2016 at chushot, to create interest among the youth, it will also help in bringing chushot village in tourist map of Ladakh. Dates- July 11 - 17.

Polo at Ladakh

Make sure to make a visit to the festivals, if you are visiting Ladakh in 2016 during any of these festival dates mentioned above, to experience the culture & rituals of Ladakh region closely. 

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  1. Hemis Monastery existed before the 11th century. Naropa, the pupil of the yogi Tilopa, and teacher of the translator Marpa is connected with this monastery.